Short Story: Tranquil Sonata

I breathed the fresh air in welcoming the late night dew. My sandals clacked with every step. The multitude of keys hanging from my metal ring continued to clang together. A loud click sounded off as I unlocked the doors. The only sound to fill the night echoed with a light crash. I entered the driver’s seat and fell into the chilled leather interior. My right hand rested against the gear shift for a second checking the well-lit map that surrounded it. Finally, I moved my right hand pushing the keys into the ignition hole and turning the key in the opposite direction.

A loud hiss stuttered for mere moments before going steady. The engine’s roar chirped in excitement. I pressed one of my free left fingers down onto the labeled buttons. The power windows moved downward with a flat swiping sound. The quickened air flowed through the open window. My right hand turned the stereo knob causing the bass to thump against my ears. The foundation for which I sat shook violently. The rustling of my clothing accelerated howling into the darkened night. The winds picked up brushing through my hair. My foot pressed to the acceleration gaining speed by the second.

Suddenly, my mind left this plane of existence falling into a trance. A white outline traveled through the window blurring my visage. The specter shadowed the fog consuming my every breath. I sucked in dampened vapor inviting the ghost in without realization. This apparition flooded into my mouth taking hold of all the vital organs. The thrash of this phantom made me writhe in pain, yet my hands never left the steering wheel. My driving remained steadfast anticipating every twist and turn.

The placid state brought absolute euphoria; wind continued to brush against my flesh with a relaxed touch. Nothing seemed to change. The flashing lights in front of me slowed considerably. I beeped my horn in vain trying to quicken the pace. My hand repeatedly thumped into the soft center of the steering wheel. The slow car ahead continued to move like a turtle never picking up speed. “Come on asshole; the speed limit is 55! That is 35 at best. What kind of moron goes 20 miles under the speed limit! This is starting to piss me off…” I felt the warmth swelling throughout my veins. The vibrant silver shining outside my car growled in frustration. The high beams dissipated without command shedding all light. Overwhelming anger possessed me awakening the specter within.

Everything I saw from this point forward lacked any sense of color. The specter willed my limbs forward with or without my permission. My body moved without control. My foot pressed the pedal into the floor ramming into the car ahead. Thud! The speed of this silver beast never relented pushing forward regardless of any obstacle. Nothing restricted the specter’s descent into madness. The specter’s consumption of negative emotion left my skin in a pallid state. The apparition’s ranting and raving became more pronounced in a language never uttered by humankind. My car shifted forms and resembled a vast assemblage of silver lightning streaks. Thunder roared from the engine flowing through the exhaust pipes. The steam cascaded from the heavens suffocating my human vessel.

The black fog of the exhaust continued to spread across shattered pavement. The dented frame in front of me picked up speed hoping for an escape. Soon, the black fog enveloped both cars obscuring the driver’s vision. The specter’s undying hatred never faded. A loud thud crashed into the wheels ahead. The sucking sound of polluted water cut off the culprit’s escape route. Bang! The almost motionless silver streaks kept bouncing forward into the car with an eerie thud.

My vision blurred only noticing the car frame that rolled from the blackened fog. The other driver vanished into oblivion. The rest of the car got chewed to pieces by the elongated fangs protruding from my car. The spikes extending from the rolled rubber chattered endlessly. The chattering ticked incessantly like a clicking clock hand. The fog disappeared in a split second revealing my car’s previous form again.

I regained control of extremities balling my fist repeatedly to be sure. I decided that I must depart before the specter took the sanctity of my mind. My foot slammed on the brakes halting the car. The rubber screeched in defiance. The specter disallowed my actions. The locks clicked down but not of my choosing. I removed my foot from the pedal not allowing it to go any further; however, they pressed themselves down anyway. The horrid shrieks never waned. Without warning, black fog masked the car as its deformed state took hold once more.

My eyes moved between conscious and subconscious thoughts. The shadows from my car ricocheted in several different directions; as the maddening mist danced around my body. My car growled thunderously accelerating at unseen speeds. Another thump ignited the unsuspecting bicyclist ahead. Her flesh imploded within itself hanging from the rear view mirrors. My body started to decay with my flesh rotting from the molten touch. The flames doused my skin, yet my soul remained intact.

The nameless Specter would take my identity and make it its own. Faint traces of my former self bellowed in agony. The assemblage of silver streaks bounced about; the ramming, struck car after car aside. Mass hysteria ensued. Chaos reigned supreme throughout the highway. Drivers started to swerve uncontrollably. The panic crept into their soul; as the mass of black fog engulfed the metallic silver frames shielding their flesh. Bodies collided against burnt rubber that seared into their skin. Spiked wheels tore flesh asunder cutting through bone with relative ease. The specter’s limitless rage caused the blurred car to barrel through a police barricade. Sirens rang constantly. The dust cloud of explosions began to build. Each cloud of dust touched together increasing the ferocity.

I continued to lose my sanity within this ghoulish vessel. The specter’s skeletal embrace clawed against my skin. The claw marks etched deep. Enormous piles of blood flowed freely from the claw marks leaking from the crevice in the driver’s door. My ace in the hole unveiled itself. I resorted to radical measures that would never transpire under the guise of normalcy. A singular action would bombard this demonical specter with hell’s hottest flames. I willed the very essence of my existence upward. I projected my soul from the rotting corpse. The phantasm would never live without a host to feed its insatiable passion.

The silver paint melted from the sides of the rusted body frame. My body disintegrated departing for the afterlife. The specter recoiled from my body. Now, the specter had been trapped in this rusted heap of metal. The black fog intensified clasping onto the fiendish poltergeist. The leather seats rose upwards buzzing disapprovingly. My keys jangled angrily piercing the wicked spirit.

The specter thrashed in fear trying to slither away. A ghastly look came across the ghost’s face. The engine revved with every ounce of acceleration. Winds flew through the windows imploding into the black fog. My Swedish silver car from 2001 gained a soul.

The turbocharger powered it forward causing it to crash headfirst into a church resting on the side of the interstate. The specter desperately tried to escape, but every window closed all at once. The locks shut tightly. The crevices within the car closed. Even the exhaust pipes corroded preventing no escape. The holy energy of the church enveloped this demonical specter who cried out in terror. This spirit’s soulless demeanor twisted and contorted until fading to nothingness.


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