Today at 26 years old, Alex Crowder finds himself drawn to anything requiring creativity. Alex is a freelance writer who constantly writes micro-fiction; in addition, he works on completing his first novel. The macabre and philosophy influence his writing style. Alex loves writing in the stream-of-consciousness while exploring dark themes through story-telling. His writing creates discussion and provides a sense of escapism.

As an active reader, his preferred genre remains gothic horror. His style: a modern day emulation of 1800’s-early 1900’s gothic horror. Sometimes, he’ll throw in some sci-fi or adventure. Each day, he attempts to read 40-70 pages of varying short stories, novels, and philosophy. He sometimes poses philosophical questions in his writing too.

His writing helped him conquer stress. He broke free of both insomnia and minor depression. More amazingly, Alex kicked panic disorder and agoraphobia aside! It gave him an outlet that caused his stress to subside. Anyone that reads his writing will know that you can achieve anything despite the obstacles standing in your way. His writing symbolizes the darkness within and the light that banishes it. Some call Alex eccentric or strange, and he embraces that.

Like every writer, Alex wants that dream job. He wants to live blissfully writing short stories, novels, and philosophical excerpts. Alex would like some of his writing to land on the New York Times bestseller list. Of course, he wants to make money doing what he enjoys too. As a freelance writer, he wants to live a comfortable living through writing, and nothing else.