Current Reading List

This is my current reading list. I like to keep myself off balance by reading multiple books at once. I set a goal to read a set amount of pages and read all of them equally. You’ll notice the translations I chose are the oldest translations. I find the older translations to be more poetic. I’m unsure how to describe it, but the words flow poetically. The prose is less modernist. I have to wonder what makes everyone else’s reading list? Does anyone else break the traditional method of reading one book at a time? What genre does everyone else prefer?

I love everything on my current reading list but for anyone that likes the strange I suggest Kafka. Kafka has an unusual style that lets us enter a dream-like world. His style is the kind that blurs the line of reality. In his stories, it is never clear where reality ends and where fiction begins. Everything feels like a dream. He’s certainly interesting for anyone that gives him a chance.Kafka through various reading has slowly become my favorite author of all time. I would recommend Metamorphosis for newcomers since it is free on My favorite stories personally are Description of a Struggle and Blumfeld, an Elderly Bachelor. Both are included in his complete stories collection.

Franz Kafka: The Complete Stories

The War of the Worlds (Tor Classics)

The Complete Fiction of H.P. Lovecraft (Knickerbocker Classics)

The Analects of Confucius (Legge Translation)

The Vampyre and Other Tales of Macabre

Faust I & II, Volume 2: Goethe’s Collected Works (Princeton Classics)


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